Marathon Training Plan

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I am currently training for the 2018 Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision and it has been a great experience and stretching me beyond what I thought I could do. My dad was always a runner and pretty fast too. I would run with him from time to time in my youth and he was so disciplined and had it down and I could barely breathe after 2 miles.

I remember the longest I ever ran (recorded) before my training was when I was in 3rd grade at Beacon Christian Academy and we were fundraising through a jog-a-thon. I always had athletic asthma as a kid and I learned to push through it and listen to my body to get through athletics. I asked everyone I knew from family, friends, neighbors and I remember people sponsoring me $1 or more per lap. I finished 36 laps around a .25 mile track (the norm) and that is 9 miles at 9 years old, and I remember everyone was in vans and cars just waiting for me to finish with one other student. I wanted to win the top fundraising prize and nothing was going to stop me.

Since then, I ran a bit in my military days, but nothing like 26.2 miles. Anyway, I am writing this post to encourage first-time marathoners on their journey and would love to hear your thoughts, tips, and go-to methods in your training as well. The link to my training plan is at the bottom of the post. It is the Team World Vision plan with dates (you can change those) and strength training routines based on James Dunne (Kinetic Revolution) and his experience and coaching he does from the UK.

I will post more about my training and findings on my blog.

Marathon Training Plan – Download the PDF here

Marathon Training Plan – Excel Spreadsheet Here


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